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Where are they now?
This section  displays a map of where in the world our classmates are currently living (general to the city).
Classmates must register their address below in their profile to show up on the map.


Locations indicated are accurate to the city only and do not represent specific locations.
Classmate Profiles
Most classmates should find that there is profile listed for them here. But many of those are listed with very old information which has been ported over from the original class website. For help ensuring your profile information is correct, refer to the Classmate Email Addresses list later below and these User Tips.

Richard Abrahamson

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Darlyne Abrahamson (Greer)

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Linda Adolphson

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Karen Allen (Casey)

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Peter Amys

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Shirley Anderson (Roisum)

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Roberta Anderson (Chase)

Marital status: Married
After graduating, I went to keypunch school in Duluth, then left for Chicago in August. Got a job as a keypuncher for a small insurance company. The head of the dept. was Earl Anderson, who became my husband. I always say he was my boss then and, 39 years later, still is. He is from Iron Mt. Michigan. We married in Chicago July 2, 1966 and moved to Tomah, WI. in August. Earl worked for RCA Job Corp at Ft. McCoy. He was data processing manager. Our first son, Art, was born there Feb. 1967. Then in May, 1968 we moved to Cherry Hill, NJ. We lived there for three months and moved to Westminster, MD. August, 1968. My husband worked and retired from Random House Publishing. All the above jobs were tied to RCA Service Company (which owned Random House). Our second son, Glenn, was born the end of Nov. 1968. The end of Sept., 1971 our daughter, Jeri Kathleen, was born. I got very active with their school while they were in elementary school. I volunteered one day a week and ran the PTA for years. Then, once they were out of elementary school, I started working as a teachers' assistant at a preschool, working with 3 and 4 year olds. After five years of that I got a job as secretary/receptionist in the registrar's office at Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College). I eventually became the office manager. I took that abuse for 10 years and moved to the English Dept., as academic secretary, and have been there for almost 10 years. I love my job and work for 18 great people. I have learned that educators can be very strange people to work for, but they treat me great. I tend to feel like their mother. They are all younger than me, except for one. 
My oldest son, Art his wife and two kids, Berkeley and Chase (how about that name) 3 and 1, and live in Weyers, Cave, VA., about 3 hours away. He works for Roadway Trucking as a supervisor. Glenn, Lisa and baby Amy live in Alexandria, VA. outside of DC. The are both military. Lisa is a major in the army and works at the Pentagon. Glenn is a captain (working on his majority) and works full-time for a reserve unit in Maryland.They are a two hour drive from us. My daughter, Jeri, husband Rick and two kids, Robert 9 and Jordan 6, going on 16, live 10 minutes from us. I pick them up after work on every Friday and take them to our house for the night. They love to come to Grama and Grampy's house. It is one big party. They go home some time on Saturday. I agree with Larry that grandkids are the greatest thing God can give you. We are a very close family.
Thirteen years ago we sold our house in Maryland and jumped the border to Pennsylvania. We had a nice rancher built for our old age. It is nothing fancy but is very comfortable. I have been very active with the Ladies of the Elks, Westminster, MD. and am currently on my second round, an elder with my Presbyterian Church. I enjoy wallpapering, painting, redoing old furniture, sewing (but not as good as PJ sews), "that is very kind of you to say that Bobby" reading all the old classics -Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Rebecca, etc., and spending time with my family. I am seven miles south of Gettysburg, PA. If any of you ever get out this way please let me know. 717-359-8562 Photo is McDaniel College
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Penelope Baker (LaPorte)

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Edythe Barnard (Reid)

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David Beetcher

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Classmate Email Addresses

The classmate email addresses below are being provided here temporarily to aid those classmates listed in verifying the site has the correct email address for them under their classmate profile. The profiles in the Classmates list for these folks have all been updated with the current email addresses shown for them here. You'll find two lists of email addresses below:

  1. Verified email addresses which have verified as accurate in the Dec/22 time frame through email exchanges with their owners.
  2. Validated but unverified email addresses: This list came from one that was maintained over the years by Pat with updates folks would send her. These emails are valid in that an email to them was not rejected by the mail servers. But no response was received from the associated classmate so we don't know if the classmate is actually receiving these emails any longer.  If you see yourself on this list, then please Contact us to provide your correct address information.

The plan is to remove the view of these lists from the site after folks have had a few weeks time to veify their address is accurate. Since we've ensured these addresses have now been included in each person's classmate profile, keeping the list here isn't needed to communicate with them and presents the concern that some internet troll might snatch them for use in spamming operations.

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Verified email addresses

Jean Anderson Richardson:
Dave Beetcher:
Robert Beetcher:                                 

Linda Bersell Egan:                                        
Sue Berchild Larson:                                  
Dale Bolk:                                       
Jim Clark:
Linda Cramer Schlais:                                    

Duane Cross: 
Greg Gaynor:
Jack Granquist:                                        

Lanny Haglund:                                        
Alice Harding Lenzen:                                       
Karin Harmer Hanson:                                  
Margret Hayworth Smith:
Paul Halverson:                                      

Al Henry:                                         
Mike Hucovski:                                  
Patty Jo Hurin Little:                                   
Bob Jackson:    
Ray & Cheryl Koenen:                                

John Krawza:                                          
Kathie Kukull Teslaw:                                            
Dick Lanhart:
Jim LaPerre:                                       

Pat LaValley Chaco:                                       
Pat Longrie:                                      
Bob Marlowe:  
Janice Martin King:

Ann Mc Pherson:                                          
Mark Minguey:                                           
David Moe:                                        
Len Moreau:                                         
Nancy Nordswen Hossalla:
Frank OKeefe:  
Faye Parish:
Joyce Peters Hatanpa:                                     

Sue Remington:                                  
June Rosseau Waller:                                    
Larry Strack:
Rudy Tikkanen:                                    

Dale Trolson:                                         
Jim Van Drriessch:                                   
Gail Velin Marshall:                                     
Sharon Walberg Widell:
Pat Wild Franzen: 
Donna Ziegler Moulzolf:

Validated but unverified email addresses

Richard Abrahamson:
Janice Ayer Schaller:
Diane Boyung Kent:
Bobby Chase Anderson:
Claudette Duret Maroldo:
Gerry Gerhman:
Darlyne Greer Abrahamson:
Irene Herrick Marin:
Dawn Koistinen:
Sandi Mattson Pettit:
Dave Soderlund:
Joe Tomaszski:
Marlene Wilson:

Year Book Photos