Various Memorabilia
High School Photos
Miss Fox's Home Room from our Sophmore year
Contributed by Carla Noonan.
Various Early Years Photos
Various Early Years Photos
8-17-23 Oakland Grade School Class Reunion

On August 17th 2023, some of the folks from the Oakland Grade School class of 1961 gathered for a small reunion at the Hidden Greens North golf course in Solon Springs. Unfortunately, some classmates couldn't attend and some couldn't be contacted. Fortunately, enough were able to attend to make the gathering fun and enjoyable for all that made it.

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Washington School 6th Grade
Row 1: David Soderlund, David Worsley, Don Bolos, Larry Strack, Devon Eccles, Duane Cross, Charles Kline, Dick Larson, Jerry Gehrmann.
Row 2: Karen Aho, Sandy Mattson, Margaret Haworth, Mary Nelson, Gail Veline, Linda Cramer, Sharian Jensen, Bonnie Taylor, Audrey Pease, Jane Landela, Linda Hammond, and Mrs. Winters (who retired after putting up with our class).
Row 3:  Jeannine Mattson,  Shirley Roisum, Kevin Buchannen , David Ronn, Ed Janowicz, Curtis Welch, Wayne Rutzen, and Kathy Larson
Row 4:  Julie Godfrey, Nan Granquist, Jim Shaunessy, Lanny Haglund, Jack Granquist, Bruce Pukema, Russ Tuura, and Ronnie Kirk.
Contributed by  Margaret Haworth Smith
Early Years Washington School
Billie Madlik, Jerry Gehrmann, Dawn Koistinen, Janet Beck, Susan Emerson, David Ronn
Contributed by Nancy Nordswen Hossalla
Early Years Photos 1961-62-63
Lincoln Grade School - Grade 5
Top Row Left to Right: 1. Dave Smith  2. Lou Ann Erickson 3. Mark Fitzgerald   4.......   5. John Honkenan   6.Janet Olson    7.Roger Nordeen
Second Row L. to R: 1.Elyse Reid   2 .Scott Curtis  3.......    4. Gary Hanson     5.Tim Peterson   6. Kamie Borg   7. Bob Hengel  8.  Barb Johnson
Third Row  L. to  R: 1. Joyce Anderson ?  2.  Jim Hanna  3......  4. Frank O Keefe
Fourth Row L. to  R: 1.Jon Lavine  2. Joann Ansell  3. Walt Engelking  4.Charlene Aho    5. Jim Jacobson  6. Dawn Koistenen    7. Dale Bolk   8. Beverly Schultz ?   9. Ed Wicklund  
 Fifth Row L. to  R: 1. Charna Trifilette 2. Tom Zeidel 3. Betty Lindstrom     4. Dick Kamm   5. Kathy Moline   6.Dan Flahaven  7.........
Contributed by Frank O'Keefe
School Song: Onward Old East High School
Onward Old East High School, School Of The Red And White
We Are All Behind You And We'll Cheer With All Our Might Urah Rah.
Onward Old East High School Wave Your Colors True
We'll Take It All In Our Stride  With  A Will And A Drive
For East High Is The Best For You